Gus is one of the main characters on the Netflix original series Love. He is portrayed by series co-creator, writer, and executive producer Paul Rust.


Gus is from the small South Dakota town of Brookings. He works as an "on set teacher" (really just a tutor) to the young female star of a fictional "supernatural period piece" TV series titled "Witchita." He is an aspiring writer, and has written an episode for the show. His ultimate goal is to make an erotic thriller film in the vein of Fatal Attraction or Basic Instinct.


Though awkward, Gus is a good-natured, 'nice guy' who generally tries to do 'the right thing' in any given situation. He is the 'nerdy' type, but seems to embrace this fact at least on some level.

As a side note, Gus considers a threesome that includes two sisters to be incest.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Well, you know, just so you know, like, because we're broken up that means like, we're not talking anymore. You know, so you can like text, and you can call, and like email me, but, I'm not like, gonna reply. Okay? So like, once you're out, you're out."